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"Because this guy right here is not even worthy of your friendship"


Anonymous: Could you tell me what Nearly Famous is about? and what relationship is happened between aaron johnson and girl named Kate in the series? thanks

Nearly Famous is about a group of kids who go to an art school. It’s for anything from writing, to acting, to singing, to dancing. Owen is a singer/guitarist,  Lila is a writer, Kate is an actor, and Joe is a sound/lighting tech for the stage (not completely sure what that is called.)  It’s basically about their struggles. Lila likes Owen, but Owen likes Kate. Kate and Owen start a relationship eventually, but end up breaking up because Owen starts to realize that he has feelings (quite strong feelings) for Lila.  Personally, I think Owen and Lila are soulmates.  Owen also has anger issues so that causes problems too.

Hope that helps

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TITLE: Ultraviolet
ARTIST: Stiff Dylans
PLAYED: 1184 Plays


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ohhelloayegoodbye-deactivated20: i think anon meant his curly hair's covering one of his eyes haha

I think you’re right :)

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